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Friday, 18 July 2008

Treatment for Hair Loss Conditions In Children

One of the common problem that people of almost all age groups are facing is of hair loss ( Just a thought of losing all your hair is a big nightmare. Hair makes you look beautiful and different hair styles increase your beauty. So, losing hair is a big reason of worry for everyone. It is common knowledge that most adults may obtain a certain degree of hair loss at any point in their lives; the reality is that everyone is susceptible to various conditions which may result in temporary or permanent hair loss, including children. Records show that at least three percent of all visitations to a pediatric ward are associated with children’s hair loss, so the condition is undoubtedly an issue to be reckoned with. Children’s hair loss is caused by at least four conditions, and fortunately, all of these are very treatable. Hair loss in children is typically caused by one of five conditions: Alopecia Areata, Tinea Capitis, Traction Alopecia, Trichotillomania, or Telogen Effluvium .
The most common cause is tinea capitis, also known as ringworm of the scalp. The condition involves a superficial infection from fungi, and it affects the scalp skin, the eyebrows, and the eyelashes; the fungi primarily attacks and infests the hair’s shaft and follicle. It can be effectively dealt with through an antifungal medication like griseofulvin (for oral administration); with continued use, the infestation is eliminated in about eight weeks.
Alopecia areata is indicated by an unexpected appearance of rounded, bald patches on the scalp. The area may be slick or smooth, and without any symptoms of swelling, scaling, or stunted hair strands. These may appear practically overnight, or the patch may gradually develop over several days. This is allegedly the result of the body’s immune system targeting the hair follicles. The condition is quite unpredictable, as it can develop or regress without indication; the condition is as yet not fully understood, and there is no approved drug for curing it. Your child’s doctor is the best resource for any treatment alternatives. There are many hairloss treatments available for different causes of hairloss. There are many medicines and treatments available. You can even opt for hairloss hair transplant to cure this problem. You should use best hairloss treatments to stop hairloss and treat hairloss and get your bouncy hair back.
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