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Health Tips - The seven keys to health

You'll feel better and accomplish more if you develop the habit of health. In this section we'll help you make the most important plan of your life, your plan for good health.

Good news! There are only seven major ingredients in a plan for good health:
• Exercise
• Diet and nutrition
• Not smoking
• Alcohol moderation
• Weight control
• Avoiding injury
• Professional prevention

In fact, most individuals don't even need to worry about all seven areas. You're probably already a nonsmoker. Quite possibly your body weight isn't too far from where it needs to be. Probably, if you drink alcohol at all, your alcohol intake is already moderate. Probably you already do some exercise, and probably you already have some good dietary practices. Most likely you already take some measures, such as using your automobile seat belts, to reduce your chances of serious injury. And you probably work with your doctor to have some of the periodic screening tests that you need. You may well have only two or three areas that can use additional work.

Lady's Mantle Hand Lotion Recipe

Lady's Mantle Hand Lotion Recipe

2 Tbsp of a strong infusion of lady's mantle
2 Tbsp glycerin
2 tsp carrageen moss (Irish Moss) melted in a little hot water
4 Tbsp vodka
10 drops essential oil of rose or geranium

Stir glycerin into melted moss. Add essential oil to vodka, then blend into the glycerin mixture. Stir in lady's mantle infusion, blend well. Pour into jar, cap tightly. Shake before using.

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Homemade Facial Masks, Body scrubs and Face Packs

Face packs or face masks

There are required to supplement the primary phase of skin care, i.e. cleansing. Masks stimulate the blood circulation, tone the muscles and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Also they draw out the impurities from the pores. While applying the face pack use your fingertips to spread the pack gently over the face. Remember you should not apply the face pack around your eyes and mouth, thus leaving three circles on the face.

You can put the cotton pads soaked in cucumber/potato juice to provide relief to your eyes. It will be better if you can lie down while your face pack dries. Because this way you will not be stretching your skin which is being treated right then.

On the left hand side, there are some of the face packs which you can try according to your convenience. There is no harm in switching from one face pack to the other depending on its availability. But these shifts should be within the variety of face packs suggested for your skin type.

How to use a Mask

The first step is to equip your makeup kit with a flat wide brush.
Avoid fingers!
Be sure to knot your hair back, or gather it in a scarf or a headband. Your forehead should be completely visible and free of hair.
Wear clothing that will leave the neck area open.
Start applying the mask with your brush, using even strokes. Be careful to avoid the lips and the sensitive area around the eyes and include the neck area.
Retain the mask for at least 20 minutes (unless a particular timeframe is mentioned on the tube).
To remove the mask, moisten with some water and rub it off the skin gently.
In the case of peel-off masks, you will have to peel-off! Also rinse the face with plenty of water, incase the layer persists. Use circular strokes.

Tips for skin care

Tips for skin care

• Try to keep your bathroom warm so that the increase in temperature will encourage the skin pores to open. Bathrooms can be kept warm by installing a heater at a place where it is out of the hazards of causing electric shocks.

• Use a body brush to break down the more fleshy skin tissues of the body.

• A bath brush and a pumice stone help to soften hard skin often found on the feet, knees and elbows.

• Cleanse your skin, once in the morning and again in the evening before going to sleep, with products suiting your skin type.

• Use face mask suiting your skin type at least once a week.

• Massage your body (take someone's help) at least once a month.

Nail Care Tips

Humans have been playing with their nails for centuries. In 4000 BC, egyptians were buffing their nails with Henna; in 1500 BC, Chinese royals were painting their nails red, black, or white and as early as 100 AD, Romans were appluing fingernail polish made of animal fat and blood.

While our choice of nail cosmetics may have changed, we are as fascinated with fingernails and toenails as we have ever been. How else can you explain the multitude of products, salons, and websites devoted entirely to nail care? Fortunately you fon't need a lot of time, products or money to ahve gorgeous nails. Just keep them healthy and they'll look fantastic. In this section you will discover how to achieve just that.

Skin Caring Natural Products

Below are given some effective skin care natural products with their uses.

Arrowroot Dries up blemishes

Anti-blemish; refines pores; retards wrinkles


Tincture of benzoin
Natural preservative for creams, lotions; chapped skin

Bicarbonate of Soda
Water softener

Skin softener; cleanser; bleach; emulsifier when mixed with other ingredients

Tightens large pores; combats dryness

Sloughs; moisturizes

Castor Oil
Relieves itching; fades brown spots; eyelash treatment

Tones all types of complexions

Cocoa Butter
Cleanser; dry skin moisturizer

Corn Syrup
Humectant - holds moisture to skin

Refines pores

Natural thickener for creams, lotions, masks; body powder

Reduces under-eye puffiness; reduces wrinkles

Moistens dry skin

Conditions; whites best for normal and oily skin; yolks for dry to normal skin

Egg White
Adds silkiness and tightens

Elderberry Blossom
Moistens dry skin

Epsom Salt

Combats wrinkles


Thickener for facial masks

Moisturizer; softener; emollient

Tightens large pores

Baths; facial steams; creams; lotions

Dried petals provide emollient action; moistens dry skin

Refines pores; tightens skin; moisturizes; retards wrinkles;anti-blemish

Moisturizer; softener; emollient

Moisturizer; softener; emollient


Lavender Water
Softens; smoothes


Acid; astringent

Dehydrates - can help reduce excess body fluids

Eases tension

Cleans; moisturizes

(including whole, skim, buttermilk, cream, sour cream) Refines pores; soothes all skin types; cools sunburn


(including clay, fuller's earth) Large pores; oily skin; wrinkles

(almonds, cashews, pecans): Scrub to refine pores, combat wrinkles, blackheads and dryness

Soothes, heals, relieves itching

Dry skin: almond, olive, peanut
Oily skin: corn, safflower, sunflower, sesame Any skin type: avocado, coconut, wheat germ

Dried leaves provide emollient action

Orange Water
Softens; smoothes


Tenderizes; removes dead surface cells

Cleans; tones


Reduces under-eye puffiness

Rolled Oats
Softens skin

Has an astringent effect on oily skin

Rose Water
Softens; smoothes

Muscle stimulant; tightens skin

Tones oily skin


Tones oily skin; anti-blemish

Tightens skin; refines pores; aids sunburn and windburn;demulcent - soothing to inflamed skin

Soothes sunburn; reduces eye puffiness; revs circulation


Unclogs pores

Reduces redness and blotchiness

Refines pores; cleans; softens; aids blemishes, itchy skin, and sunburn

Wheat Germ
Refines pores

Whole Wheat Flour
Thickener for facials

Witch Hazel
Reduces eye puffiness; deodorant

Used in masks for oily or blemished skin

Cleanser; bleach; for normal and oily skin

Homemade Moisturizers and Skin Moisturizers

Moisturizers will keep your skin looking younger and smooth. Whatever your age and skin type is, skin moisturizers are very important to your epidermal well-being. There are special moisturizing creams that are formulated to boost the natural waterproofing barrier of the skin and soothe the skin by its natural surface oils.

Home Made Moisturizers

Water Melon Moisturizer - Steps to make watermelon moisturizer:
Take one slice of water melon
Take one tablespoon of lemon juice
Squeeze the juice of lemon over the watermelon slice and refrigerate it for 22 minutes. Now take out the slice and cut it into bits and place it over the face. This will help in reducing body temperature and moisturising it. This would also tighten your skin.

Avocado Moisturizer- Steps to make avocado moisturizer:

Take a medium size avocado
Take one teaspoon honey
Take one teaspoon lemon juice
Take 200 gram curd
Now mix honey and the pulp of the avocado and puree it (i.e. prepare it in a blender). Now add the lemon juice and curd to make stiff cream.
Now refrigerate if for 35 minutes and then take it out of refrigerator. Massage it on face and neck till the cream is totally absorbed by the skin.
Leave it on for overnight. This will result in giving luster to your skin.

Lanolin Moisturizer - Steps to make lanolin moisturizer:

Take one tablespoon of lanolin.
Take 1 ½ tablespoon of almond oil.
Take 1 vitamin E capsule.
Take 2 teaspoons of cold water.
Warm the almond oil and lanolin in a dish over hot water. Add the vitamin capsule content and cold water and blend the mixture well. Apply the mixture on your face and neck.

Lemon moisturizer - Steps to make lemon moisturizer:

Take 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
Take 100 gms of gelatine
Take 1 cup of distilled water
Dissolve the gelatine in water and add lemon juice to it and then refrigerate the mixture for 20 minutes for setting. Apply it on face and neck for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water

Natural Moisturizer for Men: - Steps to make natural moisturizers:

Take 2 teaspoons of bee wax.
Take 2 teaspoons of lanolin.
Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
Take 6 tablespoons of infusion of thyme.
Take 12 drops of sandal oil.
Melt the wax and combine all the ingredients. Apply it over the face and feel the change.

Other skin moisturizers:

Mix ¾ cup of rosewater, ¼ cup of glycerine, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and ¼ teaspoon of honey. Store it in a bottle and use it regularly after cleansing.
Take 2 teaspoon of lettuce juice, ½ teaspoon of almond oil, ½ teaspoon of oatmeal powder, ½ teaspoon of honey. Mix all these ingredients and apply it.

Makeup Tips to Look Beautiful

makeup tips
Sometimes our everyday makeup is just not enough and evenig makeup is too much. Perhaps we need to correct a situation, want something special to get married in, or something that won't make our eyes look insect like behind glasses. The great thing about makeup is it is adaptable and helpful - if you've got a beauty issue, makeup can be of assistance.

We are load to prescribe certain looks for certain ages. Yes, we have heard those rules that say teenagers should wear only lip gloss and grandmothers should stick to subdued shades, but we think a lot of what makes each of us beautiful is our uniqueness, and this often comes through in the makeup we like to wear. That said, we will provide you a few general age-related guidelines, which you can choose to follow or ignore depending on your tastes.

Makeup Tips - Applying Makeup Tips - Excellent and Professional Makeup Tips

For natural-smoky look, whatever colour your eyeliner pencil is smudge it in tiny circular motions. Give yourself a start with a few ice cubes pressed on your skin for a finishing natural glow.

Always begin with the base, concealer, brows eyes, nose, lips, and then extra's, (i,e start from base, top-bottom). Never use bold pencils for anything, always sharpen for two reasons 1 fast build up of bacteria on tip, 2 wont give any natural definitiion to your finished look, only and Only use bold pencils after running pencil in hot water for a deeper or smudgey look.

For accentuated lips, begin with pencil, lipstick, gloss if needed, then pencil again, blot lips, then lipstick again. Comb brows upwards before plucking or colouring in for tweezing the bottom, then cob downwards to tweeze on top. Finish your look with loose powder to soften your look and then spray hairspray into air and walk into it for a long lasting stay.

Never sleep in makeup, mascara, concealer, lipstick, or eyeshadow! just wash face even if its with water only. For a casual-day look, forget the shimmery powders, rich lipstick, go for glosses instead and pressed powders. use a mossy light green pecil or shadow over your eyelids and ivory under your brow. For an evening out, only deepen you your colours, switch from gloss to rich moisturizing lipsticks and from powders to "sticks".