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Friday, 18 July 2008

Choosing the Right Hair Color for Beautiful Hair Highlights

When you are highlighting or dyeing your hair, think about how it would look on you. If you have always thought about coloring your hair but were worried about choosing the right color, there is no need to wait any longer. You know the right color against your skin makes you look your best, bringing out your hairstyles features while enhancing your natural skin tone. Here are some tips to follow:
Make sure to choose shades that are only a LITTLE brighter then your hair color. For dark skin tone the rich colored browns and reds with darker toned lowlights really draw attention to the skin. Golden skin looks best with dark reds and auburns, and should not be used with bright yellows, oranges or bright golds as the skin often looks sallow. Research hair colors that you like. Find what you like. Take some time and go through a couple magazines and cut out pictures of hairstyles and hair color you like. Pink or very fair skin looks terrific with ashes, honeys and neutral colors. As you age, it is advisable to lighten your color slightly to help blend any naturally occurring grey hair into the color and avoid as many trips to the salon. Know your skin tone & eye color these influence the intensity or tone of the colors that will look best on you.

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