Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Makeup Secrets | How to Apply Makeup | Applying Make up

Over weight is not only reflected in the body but also in the face. Glowing and shining hair combined with healthy smile adds to the beauty of even a very obese face. An obese face can look and appear beautiful if you learn the art of hiding the defects like round cheeks, double chin and heavy jaws with right make-up tricks.

Always apply make-up on a very clean face. Therefore first clean the face with a good cleansing milk, wash it well, pat dry. If the skin is oily then apply astringent and if it is dry them apply a good moisturizer to the skin. Use light and dark foundation to slim down and reshape your face. Use light foundation in the areas around the eyes and below the eyes to hide dark circles and also on blemishes. On this apply a dark foundation with damp sponge nicely so that it blends completely with the light foundation.

Puffy cheeks
Create a hollowness under the cheekbones with a darker foundation, extend it to the jaw line blending all the time into the skin.

Double chin
Use a dark shade right under the chin with a lighter shade in the crease on either side. For a fuller broader double chin, apply shading just under the jaw bone. Blend from ear to ear along the jaw line and under the chin.

Broad nose
To slenderize nostrils, apply lighter foundation over the entire nose and then apply darker foundation on either side of the nostrils. For too broad nose apply two strokes of dark foundation down each side.

Lip Makeup Application
To apply lipstick properly, you must learn to use the lip brush effectively. You should avoid dark lipsticks and use softer shades. Before applying lipstick, apply foundation to the lips because this makes a good base for the lipstick and at the same time it blots out the natural lip line so that you can outline a prettier shape with your brush. Fill the brush with colour, fashion the upper lip first with your lips slightly apart. Start from the outer corner following the natural curve of your lips and work towards the center. Let the tip of the brush draw the line on the upper lip. Use the side of the brush on the lower lip working at one half of the lip at the same time. When the outline is clearly escablished fill it with colour.

Thick lips can be made to look thinner by painting them within the natural lip line and covering the remaining area with foundation cream. If the lips are thin, the upper lip can be extended above the natural lip line but care must be taken to see that the extended portion follows the natural curve of the lips. The lower lip should be full and well-shaped by extending the lip line a little below the natural line of the lower lip. Your focus should be on the eyes; learn how to use eye shadow and mascara artistically. Eye shadow gives an enchanting touch of depth and mystery to the eyes. Eye shadow should only be blended on the upper eyelids. Use dark shades of shadow sparingly. Try mauves, pastel greens and blues instead. Close one eye and place a small amount of colour to and almost touching the upper eye lashes from inner to outer corner of the eyes. It should then be blended with your index finger or brushed upwards into a fade way effect below the eyebrows. It should be darkest near the lid.

How to Apply Mascara
First brush the lashes downwards to remove any foundation sticking to them then upwards over the upper eyelids. Apply mascara with a clean brush. Cover the brush with a light coating of mascara and stroke it on the lashes working from the base to the tip. The lower lashes should be just tinted with colour. When the first coat dries, apply a second one. When the second coat also dries, go over the lashes with a dry brush to separate them and remove excess mascara. If properly applied the lashes should be a series of individual hairs and not one solid mass. Remember your eyebrows. They should be well-shaped, therefore always have them shaped from a reputed beautician. For puffiness under the eyes, before applying foundation, use a concealer or a lighter foundation.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are one of the most important people in the world. They have to access the best products and services which include stylists and make up artists and it makes them easy for them to look absolutely attractive on a daily basis. If you ever think how celebrities always manage to look so good. Find about Celebrity Hair Styles and your favourite celebrities Haircuts. First when it comes to their looks the right make up is from lipstick to blush and secondly their professional make up and they also know some useful tricks how to keep their skin healthy and glowing and they also share the secrets of how they keep their skin beautiful once the make up comes off.

Beauty secrets of actress
Certain actress look so beautiful and they fell so strong about their beauty enhancing qualities that grow in a beautiful garden. Once or twice a month they boil a wonderful herb in water and put a towel over their head and steam their face with it. When you do like this it will be like soothing and relaxing. Some actress use pure and gentle facial soaps, cocoa butter and water. In the early morning they cleanse their face with a clear, mild and glycerin rich soap that does not contain any detergents or hardeners. Some celebrities use olive oil as their beauty secret they use this oil as a moisturizing conditioner for their hair and they also mix some scented oil in the olive oil to make a wonderful body moisturizer.

Exercise and Water
Water plays an important role in celebrity beauty secret. If you are eating all hot and sweaty food then you will lose water and salt in the body. While doing any fitness exercise, don’t forget to take water bottle. You need to drink at least one and half liters of fluid for every kilogram of body weight lost during exercise. Drinks which contain lots of sugar can have a dehydrating effect on your body so avoid taking that drink when you are doing exercise. Everyday you should drink eight or ten glasses of water because it will helps your body to work more efficiently. Not only will that it helps you to slim your body down.

Celebrities who want to maintain beauty then drink one glass of water before meal then you will feel less angry then there is a chance you can make your body fitness properly.