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Shag Hair Styles and Haircuts for Women

The shag hairstyle was considered as one of the most happening seventies hairstyles and still becoming very popular again. This hairstyle involved irregular layers of hair that provided a shaggy look. Shag hairstyle creates a neck look longer and your face looks thinner. To illustrate a shag haircut; a shag style is one where the hair is cut in dissimilar layers, it can also be called the layered style, as the work on the hair is done in such a way that cutting is achieve in different lengths. The shag hairstyle was very popular during the 1970s, and later made a fantastic comeback during the late 1990s, thanks to the cult-like following of the hit television show, Friends.
There are different types of shag hair styles ; they are the short shag, the medium shag and the long shag. Shag hair styles are fun, easy to maintain looks suitable for different lengths of hair. For men, women, and teens interested in a carefree style, shags are the perfect choice. The first thing to consider when choosing a shag style is the length. Short shags hairstyles can take a long time to grow out if you later decide you don’t like the look, while long hairstyles can be easily trimmed away. Next, consider face shape before choosing a final style: longer hair helps balance a round face, while tapered bangs and fringe can soften angular facial features.
Adding Bangs are optional with shag hairstyles and can be pushed off the face with the use of the right styling substances. The ears are not cut out; the shag-adorned should be able to tuck the hair behind the ear, or, even better, pull it back with dime-store barrettes in garish plasticky colors.
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Popular Emo Hairstyles & Punk Emo Haircuts for Teens

The Emo Hairstyle is considered to be one of the coolest teen hairstyle in the present world. The Emo Hair style comprises of an emotional style which involves as to what the person is all about. The Emo hairstyle has close resemblance to punk hairstyle and other kind of hairstyle that was common music artists of the 80s. The Emo Hairstyle has a lot of interpretations. Some of the characteristics of emo hairstyles are deep and rich color like black or deep brunette shades. It comprises of hair highlights in stark contrasts or unusual shades. For example you may come across black hair with streaks of orange, bright red or even white hair. The Emo and punk Hair styles are generally loose but at times heavy hair products are needed for the styling look.
The people who wear an emo hairstyle may be wearing a long bang, the bang could be worn obscuring over the eye. The bang might be a straight one across the forehead or it may even be longer than other hair styles. The teenagers have a particular liking for the messy kind of emo hair style.
There is no doubt that the emo hairstyles are quite popular yet there are a few misconception associated with it. It is felt that emo hairstyle can only be carried by emo hair style but emo hair style can also be carried by people who have short hair. Another myth about emo hairstyles is that it should not be frequently washed. Emo is popular both among the girls as well as boys hairstyles . The layered and textured emo hairstyle suits most people so go and check it out with your hairstylist. The people should also be aware of the characteristics of emo hairstyle before they adopt one.
There is another myth associated with emo hair style that people who wear emo hairstyle are not stable and the real cause of worry is when the teenagers change their hair style that is considered to be outside the boundary of the popular hair styles .

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Searching best hairstyles for thick hair that are stylish, easy to manage, and trendy can be tricky, but with a bit of investigation and knowledge of what the benefits of thick hair are, a beautiful look can be just a snip, clip, or spray away.
Thick hair is rich and full of volume, but many women who enjoy voluminous thick hair have find that it isn’t as easy to live with as fashion models and hairstyling product commercials may demonstrate. The first thing that you need to do to make your thinning hair look wonderful is to find the right stylist. Find a hairstylist who has other clients with thinning hair and is fluent in all of the best hairstyles and procedures to both guard thinning hair and make it look thicker than it really is. You can do this by asking for recommendation from friends who also have thin hair but always seem to look like they have just left the salon. Here are some hairstyles ideas for thick hair:
Putting long thick hair into an updo is elegant and simple to create. Another option is to tie a partial knot and let the ends of your hair flow down your back. Corn rows, curls & crimps are also great choices for thick hair. The classic prom or wedding hairstyle for thick hair is easily created by pulling all the hair smoothly and tightly into a ponytail that rests midway up the head from the nape of the neck.

Treatment for Hair Loss Conditions In Children

One of the common problem that people of almost all age groups are facing is of hair loss ( Just a thought of losing all your hair is a big nightmare. Hair makes you look beautiful and different hair styles increase your beauty. So, losing hair is a big reason of worry for everyone. It is common knowledge that most adults may obtain a certain degree of hair loss at any point in their lives; the reality is that everyone is susceptible to various conditions which may result in temporary or permanent hair loss, including children. Records show that at least three percent of all visitations to a pediatric ward are associated with children’s hair loss, so the condition is undoubtedly an issue to be reckoned with. Children’s hair loss is caused by at least four conditions, and fortunately, all of these are very treatable. Hair loss in children is typically caused by one of five conditions: Alopecia Areata, Tinea Capitis, Traction Alopecia, Trichotillomania, or Telogen Effluvium .
The most common cause is tinea capitis, also known as ringworm of the scalp. The condition involves a superficial infection from fungi, and it affects the scalp skin, the eyebrows, and the eyelashes; the fungi primarily attacks and infests the hair’s shaft and follicle. It can be effectively dealt with through an antifungal medication like griseofulvin (for oral administration); with continued use, the infestation is eliminated in about eight weeks.
Alopecia areata is indicated by an unexpected appearance of rounded, bald patches on the scalp. The area may be slick or smooth, and without any symptoms of swelling, scaling, or stunted hair strands. These may appear practically overnight, or the patch may gradually develop over several days. This is allegedly the result of the body’s immune system targeting the hair follicles. The condition is quite unpredictable, as it can develop or regress without indication; the condition is as yet not fully understood, and there is no approved drug for curing it. Your child’s doctor is the best resource for any treatment alternatives. There are many hairloss treatments available for different causes of hairloss. There are many medicines and treatments available. You can even opt for hairloss hair transplant to cure this problem. You should use best hairloss treatments to stop hairloss and treat hairloss and get your bouncy hair back.
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Undestanding Genetic Predisposition And Hair Thinning

If you’re wondering why you’re beginning to lose your full head of hair at such a young age, the answer may lie in your genes. Thinning hair is more a result of your genetic makeup than any other reasons, including such wild presumptions as wearing hats too much, excessive washing, and other misguided myths. Hair thinning is usually a result of alopecia, a condition which is basically genetic in nature, and is clinically-known as Androgenetic Alopecia.
Chances are, your scalp’s fate has been predetermined in the womb. The hair follicles are genetically programmed much like all of your other body parts; included in this program is the time and extent of the baldness which you will incur in your entire lifetime. Hair thinning occurs when specific hormones affect those hair follicles which carry an innate susceptibility to their effects. The human body can manufacture male hormones; this function disregards gender factors, and is applicable to women as well. The three hormones which are usually produced are dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone, and testosterone. On the other hand, the hair follicles and skin pores are abundant in an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase; this substance can convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) through the help of the bloodstream. An overabundance of this single hormone, DHT, is known as the primary cause of male-pattern baldness.
Some people have an inborn vulnerability for baldness at the top of their heads. During maturity or middle ages, this area is specifically targeted by DHT by binding with the receptors of the susceptible follicles, causing the latter to eventually weaken. Now the normal growth cycle of a hair follicle is three to eight years; at the end of this process, the shaft and strand is separated from the hair follicle, in place of a new strand. But with hair thinning, the growth cycles gets progressively shorter in time, and the hair strand which comes out of the follicle becomes ever thinner in volume and thickness. This process is known as miniaturization.
This cycle successively takes on a gradual severity, and will eventually lead to baldness in most of the people who experience it. There are even cases wherein the baldness is so extensive that every treatment alternative is practically ineffective in addressing or reversing the hair loss. However, some cases are temporary, and may be a result of a combination of various factors which include genetic predisposition. The best way to ascertain your actual condition is to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
The treatment for hair loss comes in a wide variety of topical applications, medications, and even surgery procedures. The most promising alternative thus far is the drug finasteride; it inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT, and encourages the hair follicle to bring out new strands in place of old ones. Some of the more drastic procedures involve hair transplants and scalp reduction; these either transplant hair strands on the follicles (one strand at a time), or the scalp itself is ‘stretched’ in an attempt to minimize the extent of the baldness. Consult with your doctor first if you are considering on any of these possible treatment options; your doctor is the best person to decide on which alternative will be the best for you.
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Choosing the Right Hair Color for Beautiful Hair Highlights

When you are highlighting or dyeing your hair, think about how it would look on you. If you have always thought about coloring your hair but were worried about choosing the right color, there is no need to wait any longer. You know the right color against your skin makes you look your best, bringing out your hairstyles features while enhancing your natural skin tone. Here are some tips to follow:
Make sure to choose shades that are only a LITTLE brighter then your hair color. For dark skin tone the rich colored browns and reds with darker toned lowlights really draw attention to the skin. Golden skin looks best with dark reds and auburns, and should not be used with bright yellows, oranges or bright golds as the skin often looks sallow. Research hair colors that you like. Find what you like. Take some time and go through a couple magazines and cut out pictures of hairstyles and hair color you like. Pink or very fair skin looks terrific with ashes, honeys and neutral colors. As you age, it is advisable to lighten your color slightly to help blend any naturally occurring grey hair into the color and avoid as many trips to the salon. Know your skin tone & eye color these influence the intensity or tone of the colors that will look best on you.

Let Your Prom Hairstyle Be the Updo Way

Prom Night is nearly here, you’ve got your gown, your shoes, your jewelry and your ready to shine.On your prom night your hair will be one of the things that will be immediately noticed. Hence, it is recommended that you do utmost hairstyle preparation before your promenade so your hair will not fail. An updo hairstyle will not be possible if you have short hair. Hence if you want to let your prom hairstyle be the updo way on your promenade, let it grow from medium to long length. For sexy short hair styles for prom, try the messy prom style. Use styling cream, comb your hair forward diagonally and spray up random parts - very much like popular boy styles. Consider also that short hairstyles are more often associated with casual or sporty lifestyles, while long hairstyles are more likely associated with a sexy looking image.

Curly Prom updo prom hair styles seem to work better with your hair a little dirty. You don’t want your prom updos to be a prom down do. Especially if you paid for the prom updos. My personal favorite way of finding elegant timeless prom hairstyles is to watch old movies, you know that if a style looked good 50 years ago, it will always look good - but not everyone has the time to sit and watch old shows. Once you decide show your stylist your prom dress and accessories and any photos you find of prom hair styles you like. Do a practice run, so on that special day, you will look absolutely Gorgeous!
Many great prom hairstyles are created in the hair salon, but that does not mean that you cannot get astonishing results with a hairdo made at home by yourself or with the help of your close friends to achieve the hairstyle you want. Another consideration is whether to wear your hair up or down; both have their merits. Wearing it up is much more traditional and definitely something different from what you may normally do with your hair. Having it down however can also look very elegant. Do a practice run, so on that special day, you will look absolutely Gorgeous! offers cool advice on prom hairstyles, prom hairstyles pictures and prom dresses

Short Hairstyles - Some Tips & Tricks to consider for Short Haircuts

Short hairstyles were not popular in the early times but have become the trend today. After reviewing some short hairstyle ideas, try to narrow your selection down to three or four actual short hairstyles . Print a copy of the photo of the model on the hairstyle website that you used. Women’s short hairstyles also provide a great relief from the terrible heat of the Indian summer and are therefore a good alternative for housewives who spend hours in the sweltering heat as they watch their children play sports outdoor. Having short trendy hairstyles makes you look hip and happening. You can adopt a short hair style easily because they go with every dress. You can wear a formal or casual dress and carry your new hair do easily. Give a pleasant surprise to your friends by sporting a cool hair cut. You can adopt a nice short trendy haircut with hair cut short above years on the sides. A party look can be achieved by making a zigzag parting. With short hair leaning toward the longer side, using a straight iron is usually a fun way to go. You can give your hair that sleek, professional look you’ve been seeking in a just a few minutes with the flat iron. Flip the iron in just a bit so your hair has some more shape to it.
Short hairstyles tips
1. Remember its only a haircut - it can’t bring back a lover - it wont result in any major changes to your life, but it may raise your mood and besides it may really suit you. A radical change in style may not suit your current wardrobe - are you really ready to replace everything.
2. Make sure your new short hairstyle is versatile enough to suit every occasion, peroxide blond spikes doesn’t suit many offices. If you just want a big change try having it colored to see if the need is satisfied, if not then go for the short hairstyles and long hairstyles pictures.
3. Your in charge - don’t let your stylist or your friends push you into something your not ready for.
4. Think of the upkeep.
5. If your hair is very short and styled you may find that your going to need what feels like constant visits to your stylist, which for most is neither convenient or affordable.
6. And finally before you take the big plunge for yourself - look through every magazine, website and hair book that you can and really get a feel for all the different styles you can choose from. offers cool advice on short hairstyles, short hairstyles pictures and Shag Hairstyles