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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Makeup Tips to Look Beautiful

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Sometimes our everyday makeup is just not enough and evenig makeup is too much. Perhaps we need to correct a situation, want something special to get married in, or something that won't make our eyes look insect like behind glasses. The great thing about makeup is it is adaptable and helpful - if you've got a beauty issue, makeup can be of assistance.

We are load to prescribe certain looks for certain ages. Yes, we have heard those rules that say teenagers should wear only lip gloss and grandmothers should stick to subdued shades, but we think a lot of what makes each of us beautiful is our uniqueness, and this often comes through in the makeup we like to wear. That said, we will provide you a few general age-related guidelines, which you can choose to follow or ignore depending on your tastes.

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For natural-smoky look, whatever colour your eyeliner pencil is smudge it in tiny circular motions. Give yourself a start with a few ice cubes pressed on your skin for a finishing natural glow.

Always begin with the base, concealer, brows eyes, nose, lips, and then extra's, (i,e start from base, top-bottom). Never use bold pencils for anything, always sharpen for two reasons 1 fast build up of bacteria on tip, 2 wont give any natural definitiion to your finished look, only and Only use bold pencils after running pencil in hot water for a deeper or smudgey look.

For accentuated lips, begin with pencil, lipstick, gloss if needed, then pencil again, blot lips, then lipstick again. Comb brows upwards before plucking or colouring in for tweezing the bottom, then cob downwards to tweeze on top. Finish your look with loose powder to soften your look and then spray hairspray into air and walk into it for a long lasting stay.

Never sleep in makeup, mascara, concealer, lipstick, or eyeshadow! just wash face even if its with water only. For a casual-day look, forget the shimmery powders, rich lipstick, go for glosses instead and pressed powders. use a mossy light green pecil or shadow over your eyelids and ivory under your brow. For an evening out, only deepen you your colours, switch from gloss to rich moisturizing lipsticks and from powders to "sticks".

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I think that these tips really helped me nd since there was no comments I decided to make one. Love the tips - Thankyou! : )